For Black Women & Men Seeking Black Hair Stylist in Berlin

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and highly respected celebrity hair & makeup artist from New York City offering hair and beauty services for black women in Berlin, Germany.

Black Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist

Dwayne Wade, Serena Williams, Dwight Howard and Victoria Azarenka

I understand that looking your best is important but the goal should be to look good while maintaining healthy hair and skin because it not only affects your self-confidence but also allows you to sustain your beauty.

Black Girl Natural Hairstyling Berlin

Natural Hairstyling & Makeup Application

Whether you need a hair cut, trim, updo, hair extension, weave, blow dry or natural hairstyling (braids, twists, dreadlocks etc.) I’ll make sure you’ll look your best.

Black Girl Hair Weave Ziggy Marley Dreadlocks

Weave, Makeup & Ziggy Marley Dreadlocks


So, benefit from the skill and expertise my celebrity clientele appreciates and contact me for your complimentary consultation.

You can reach me on my mobile (+4915787823720) or send an email to

Sophia Lenore Black Hair Stylist Berlin

Sophia Lenore












For Black Women Seeking Black Hair Stylist in Berlin

Black Hair Stylist Berlin

Founder and Managing Director at Prestige Artists. You can find me on photoshoots and fashion events all over the world. Connect with me on social media!

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