The Mesh Dress: Make It Stop!

The Mesh Dress trend needs to be put to rest for a few decades: Make It Stop!

Mesh Dress

(CC BY-SA 2.0) ‘”2-in-1 Knit Long Sleeve Pussybow Dress“ by Maria @ Flickr

It’s Saturday night, and like any 20 something that chooses to stay inside because your kidneys and pockets are at a disagreement, I am Instabrowsing:

the act of spending what might be hours on instagram looking for the 3 B’s. “Blogs, brands and Bae.”

And you can’t have a complete insta-sesh without running into a few of the boutiques.

An influx of names with cliche terms such as “Couture” or “House of” this and “High end” that.

We get it. You’re a fashion boutique and you can’t be a fully operating social media retailer without having that one item in stock; the mesh dress.

You know what I’m talkin’ about. The one you’ve seen on every #BirthdayBehavior pic, video vixen and instagram model.

It comes in a wide array of colors with just enough fabric and beaded applique to cover your vag, nips and crack.


I motion this trend be put to rest or rather the shelves, at least for a few decades. Then make its rounds 20 years from now, like the surprising return of 90’s inspired strap sandals at ZARA.

The style has developed a tacky stigma. Not much thought goes into putting an outfit together that consist of a dress with opaque fabric on the wrists, buttocks, breasts and vaginal region.

It was creative and bold when it was introduced, but now vaguely lazy and redundant.


I’m all for the quick, go-to dress for those last minute rendezvous at club Story, but we’re in need of another microwavable option for cocktail this year. Next!

The Mesh Dress: Now Back To You

So what are your thoughts about this fashion trend? Do you still love it or do you agree with Abs and you desperately want it to stop!

Leave you comment below for Abs Petit.

-by Prestige Artist Abs.

Mesh Dress

(CC BY-SA 2.0) ‘”2-in-1 Knit Long Sleeve Pussybow Dress“ by Maria @ Flickr

Mesh Dress

(CC BY-SA 2.0) ‘”2-in-1 Knit Long Sleeve Pussybow Dress“ by Maria @ Flickr

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